Some relevant appearences in press and media (in Spanish and Catalan):

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RNE3 (Radio3). Interview (new EP). 18/09/2015

RNE3 (Radio3). Router nº53: Comboi chosen as the programme soundtrack. 09/2015

RNE3 (Radio3). Interview. 23/07/2014

DjMag. Interview. 01/2014 (p.92)

El País newspaper. Ovidi Prizes 2014: NO SOM GERMANS best electronica album. 06/2014

Scanner FM. Interview. 03/2014

Orbita Magazine. Interview. 07/2014 (p.20)

Hervir un indie Blog. Moniàtic Festival report. 09/2014

Dj Mag. Error del sistema report. 06/2015

 RNE3 (Radio3). Hoy empieza todo. 01/2014 (min. 1:48:00)

This Is Underground (TIU). Mixtape + Band Of The Day (06/2014)